Why a .za domain will take your business to the next level
Why a .za domain will take your business to the next level
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Why a .za domain will take your business to the next level

Why a .za domain will take your business to the next level and why protecting it is important for your overall growth online.

COVID-19 has brought many challenges, and businesses have been affected significantly.

While it has been tough to keep revenue streams up over the past few months, we are now entering a period of recovery – and this means your business needs to be in front of customers at all times.

Ensure that your business is always accessible online and protect your online presence by registering a .za domain name.

Importance of a .za domain

If you are doing business in South Africa, it is critical that you have a website that uses the .za domain name.

The .za domain is the universally accepted option for South African websites, and adds authenticity and trust between you and your South African customers.

There are additional benefits to a .za domain name beyond showing you are from South Africa, too.

There are over 1.3 million registered .za domain names, which makes it the largest domain namespace in Africa – and shows just how trusted it is across both website owners and visitors.

The .za domain has also adopted the DNSSEC protocol, ensuring your website remains secure for your business and your customers.

Additionally, a .za domain name allows you to create unique email addresses that are specific to your business – which looks much more professional than the alternatives and also makes it much easier for your customers to remember how to contact you.

It isn’t complicated or expensive to secure a .za domain either, due to the fact that there are over 400 accredited registrars to choose from.

Domain registration

To make things simple for your business, South Africa’s Internet country code manager ZADNA collaborated with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) to offer domain name service which makes it easy for you to register.

To register for your domain, login to https://eservices.cipc.co.za/ and click on the “transact” button at the top right of the screen.

Then click on the “domain name services” option which will open the Domain Name Services homepage.

You will then follow the appropriate steps to complete the registration process.

The CIPC domain name registration cost is just R51.75, making it an incredibly affordable option.

When registering a .za domain name through the CIPC one should ensure that within 12 months of registration, the domain name is transferred to an active registrar as prescribed by the post registration email sent via the CIPC platform to the domain name holder.

If you are not a registered company, there are also many great .za registrars from whom you can purchase a .za domain.

The full list of accredited registrars can be found here.

Become a registrar-reseller

ZADNA offers the opportunity for SMMEs and disadvantaged groups to become .za domain name resellers and registrars by removing the red tape and barriers to entry.

Through the .za Registrar-Reseller training, ZADNA provide trainees with an overview of the Domain Name Systems (DNS) industry, the DNS business model, and its key role players.

The training equips attendees with knowledge on how to become a domain name Reseller and the benefits of becoming one.


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